The Water Balloons at Field Day

Red teams, blue teams. Hot, muggy weather. Friday at school was Field Day. Tricycle races, tug-of-war, scratchy burlap potato sacks. My station was Golf Ball Relay- balance a golf ball in the bowl of a spoon,walk  the course without dropping it. Such concentration!  The station after mine, run by my colleague Erin,  was the water balloon toss. Take a step back and lob it across to a partner.  The filled balloons like swollen jelly beans, waiting in the giant garbage can, told me to run upstairs to my locker, get the camera out and photograph them between morning and afternoon sessions.  The students were so excited to go to the water balloons when Mr. Miller blew the whistle three times.

Water Balloons reflection
Noticed my reflections in the balloons, like a cameo.

6 thoughts on “The Water Balloons at Field Day

  1. I miss how we used to do water balloons at our Fun Day. Cool picture and I love that it captured your reflection in many balloons.

  2. We had a big field day a couple of weeks ago at my kid’s school and it was great! I’ve got quite a few action shots with the balloons! Good times!

  3. Hi R.Hendrick,

    I’m the graphic designer of a magazine called Blitz, and this photo would be perfect for one of our articles. If you don’t mind, could you please send me a high resolution copy of the photo. If you don’t want your photography published, that is also fine.


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