Crepe Paper Spiral

Crepe paper streamers to decorate gyms and carnival booths seem old school. When cleaning out the art room, I uncovered a spiral, layers of colors of vintage crepe paper.  A couple of rolls were stained and faded but I took them out of the plastic wrappers, 49 cent pricetags. Who wound the spiral and why?        “a spiral emanates from a central point, getting progressively farther away as it revolves around the point.” wikipedia

Remember crepe paper streamers?
Remember twisting colors together, taping them up, then they'd droop?

7 thoughts on “Crepe Paper Spiral

  1. I love this photo, as I did the recent one of the crayons…both so bright and invitational …pick me up and “get happy!” 🙂
    Altho Crepe paper did not always make me happy ….everything OK through twisting, taping ….. then the drooping!I thought it was only my crepe paper that drooped because I did not put it up correctly!
    Your spiral idea reminded me of a labyrinth, different paths to the center and out, but I remember in former Summers East Liberty Presby. Church has placed their Chartres-path Labyrinth in their outside space (cloister?)2x a week, open to all. Think I go see if I can “take a hike” / walk the labyrinth summer of 2010!!!
    Thanks, Ruth XOXOXOXO

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