What I Couldn’t Throw Out

Purchased in 1977 in New York City at Creative Playthings. Rubbery farm animals.  Nice to clutch and carry around when you’re almost two. I bought them for baby Mark who’s 34 now.  Maybe the paint is unsafe for the grandchildren, plus they have a hole in their stomach so whatever dirt and mold in the basement the past 20 years is living inside them.  I put them in the contractor bag to drag to the curb and I swear the cow’s eyes looked at me. I took them out. Photographed them.

Toy farm animals from my children's youth
Their faces have the loveliest expressions.

13 thoughts on “What I Couldn’t Throw Out

  1. Letting go of our history is like seeing a train wreck.
    I also been told that you have to let go to create space in your soul for new experiences to enter…maybe its both.


  2. Christmas manger animals was my first thought…so glad to see “Erin” thought of that too!! Loved ALL the comments! Mark remembers them! Keep these adorable treasures!


  3. I think I had the whole farm as a kid, including the fenced enclosure. Of course, they could be anywhere by now. Relegated to a broken toy pile somewhere, I’m sure!


  4. Zach had the same ones…and he’s 34, too!! I hope we all weren’t too late and you had 2nd thoughts and kept them. After all these years of play….letting them “rest” in the Manger is only befitting!


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