Biking Down an Alley

Some streets in the city have alley between them. It’s the third definition I’m talking about

a narrow street : especially : a thoroughfare through the middle of a block giving access to the rear of lots or buildings”

There are garages and the garbage cans set out for pick up. Not a lot of traffic. We we walking to a friends house to play and we went into their backyard via the alley. Charlie biked ahead of us.

An alley in Columbus

What I Found This Afternoon

It was a beautiful day. Day one of seriously trying to walk a good two miles. Everyday? that’s the plan. Laura said “No browsing or stopping to take a photograph! No dead couches!!!”

But there I was, pushing a stroller with my nine month old grandson Roy. And here’s what I found a few blocks after I started my walk. I could not resist.

Abandoned furniture, ready for pick-up. A couch AND a love seat.

One More for the Collection

You know I couldn’t resist pulling over, parking my car, getting out and photographing the loveseat/couch.

The rain had stopped. I was on Penn Avenue just past Children’s Hospital and I saw it. It’s not like I’m driving around the city looking for discarded furniture. It’s just there!

Mary always says, take the pic when you see it as later it might be gone. Good advice.