Pot of English Breakfast & Tea Treats

High tea on Friday afternoon in West View.   AntiquiTea Tea Room.  For the scones, clotted cream and lemon curd in cordial glasses with silver spoons, tiny teapots on top. Afterward we checked out the party room.  An elegant way to spend a summer afternoon with good friends.

If you click the link Somewhere in Time music starts to play.

12 thoughts on “Pot of English Breakfast & Tea Treats

  1. Lovely!!! Melissa has been a fan of tea parties since she was a little girl, and we always try to find places for tea – did not know about this one. We have enjoyed tea at The Frick. A highlight of a trip to London was tea at The London Ritz! My all time favorite. Brought home a little book called Afternoon Tea – with recipes. The book starts with a poem by Colley Cibber – year 1708. First line: ” Tea! Thou soft, thou sober, sage, and venerable liquid,”.

  2. Another brilliant picture of something so simple! If it weren’t for the heat and air-conditioning, I’d wish it was 1876 and go back in time.

  3. Ruth – this looks like a spread you might do chez-toi! So glad you were out enjoying it with someone else as the “hostess” !!!

  4. What a beautiful photo, Ruth. MaryAnne, Suzanne and I always search out Tea Rooms when we are together.

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