Exuberant Joy

Yoni and Aviva’s wedding was a happy celebration They graciously allowed me to post a photo for today.  Steve and I had a wonderful time sharing their special day.  It was a quick trip to Philadelphia and back late tonight but we are so glad we went.  Wishing them every happiness always.  Mazeltov! Now to get to sleep for the first day of school with the students.

Drexelbrook Drexel Hill PA
Catching one another's eye! It was a joyful day.

12 thoughts on “Exuberant Joy

  1. Lovely and fun. I can (almost) hear the music!!! 🙂 Thinking of you and your fortunate students today!

  2. Ruth you are a gifted talented teacher. Take the love of your work to each day of your job. It will be a good year.

  3. ruth e – we were so happy you were there – it meant so much to us – you definitely captured their happiness

  4. Love that photo – true to your great work. Captures the happiness shared by all.

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