Jim’s Steaks South Street Philly

In Philly for about 24 hours for wedding Sunday at noon.  Steve and I drove up 16th St and he got out and read the Historic Marker at Louis Kahn’s office building 1501 Walnut St., drove past my parents’ old home on Lombard, and South Street where we actually waited in line with the other tourists. There is a lot of construction near Independence Hall. We drove by Ben Franklin’s grave where Mark and his Grampie used to throw pennies.     Drove out to City Avenue through a lot of traffic where we saw a man come out of nowhere and  cross highway  76 and jump on a car hood two lanes over.  Lots of police cars from all directions a minute or two later.   We tried to watch the local news to see what happened.  Unexpected. Glad he didn’t pick my car to jump on.

The Saturday night line at Jim's Steaks on South Street, Philly.

9 thoughts on “Jim’s Steaks South Street Philly

  1. Hi Ruthie, this photo makes me hungry for one of those Philly Cheese Steak sub sandwiches! I wonder why your pics always seem to make me want to eat!

  2. Ruth, you are a true “traveler,” maybe “explorer” is the better word, in the physical world and many other realms …… poetry, food, people, family, light/dark!, color, art, neighborhood / community on Heberton or Djazz in WA ….. offering another path into John Muir’s “all things being connected” (badly quoted!). OH! an in Philly for a wedding, a very intimate “bringing together! ”
    Thank you! Love E
    PS. Glad to know of another reason to go to Bangladesh — Muhammed Yunus, “architect” of Grameen Bank and microcredit – brought B. to me!

  3. Hi Ruth. We helped Laura move to Philadelphia on August 9th. We spent 3 days unpacking, moving furniture, hanging curtains, and cleaning. You saw more of Philadelphia than we did. Her doctoral program at Penn starts on September 9th.

  4. That line was there in the afternoon. Must be good food. Life the architecture in Philly.

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