Monarch Drinks Pentas Nectar

OSU Stadium Planter with Monarch Butterfly
Click the link to read about the amazing Monarch migration.

Mary told me about Monarch migration this summer.  I photographed (shot didn’t sound correct) this Monarch in a planter at OSU stadium.  Tonight I emailed several pleas for plant identification and Master Gardener Liz R was the first to respond, THANKS Liz.  Today is Marlene’s(Mark’s MIL) birthday(having cake at Aunt Linda’s tonight).  September 3rd, 1912  was my mother’s birthday, born in Durand Illinois, now passed a decade ago. My mother loved butterflies and always planted a beautiful garden, including buddleia to attract the butterflies. The pentas seem to be doing just that.  Hummingbirds love them according to what I read. Lots of parentheses in this post.

11 thoughts on “Monarch Drinks Pentas Nectar

  1. Good Morning Ruth,
    I awe at your picture and how butterflies and beloveds both appear in our lives on days of rememberance. We will always miss our mothers, but just imagine what great company they are in.

  2. Hi Ruthie, This is the best…photograph you have blogged yet in my opinion! Wonderful for memories too. I loved Cj’s comment; a nice way to think about it.

  3. I’ve noticed SO many beautiful “flutterbyes” this spring and summer – maybe the heat brings them out. Two beautiful yellow and black ones were on one of my bushes in the front yard. I know you have wonderful memories of your mom – always keep them in your heart!

  4. What a beautiful photo for Labor Day weekend …. the Monarchs seem to perform their labors so effortlessly!
    Thinking about your parents makes me realize that I know 4 Generations of your family!
    Love to them all!!! XOXOX E

  5. What a beautiful photo. When we would go to St. George’s Island it was during migration season and we would see thousands of them.

    Very often a butterfly will fly onto my front porch and just sit on one of the rocking chairs. It always makes me think of my mom. Thanks for the beautiful picture.

  6. that is so beautiful….we should have the kids take a picture of nature too!! wonder what they could come up with?

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