Fireworks Shot from Roberto Clemente Bridge & River (2 views)

Pirates game Saturday night, perfect weather, a Luke Bryan Concert after (had never heard of him but apparently I am the only one who has not) Fireworks by  Zambelli.  Won’t go into the details on the outcome of the game (OUCH) but a stunning display of color and sparkling light over the city.

Looks like an upside down dandelion gone to seed.

10 thoughts on “Fireworks Shot from Roberto Clemente Bridge & River (2 views)

  1. We were at the west end overlook watching. The fireworks were beautiful. I am going to the game today for the unveiling.

  2. You need to come to Louisville in April for the pre-Derby extravaganza Thunder Over Louisville – I think Zambelli does those, too! There are always about 200,000 people lining the banks of the Ohio River.

  3. You got the 2 rival Health Care Insurance Companies – I bet they would each like their shot!!! Great photos …….

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