Sebastian, 8 wks & his Parents- Fair in the Park

Grada Mosaics artist Adalgisa Bosonetto and her husband in their booth at the Fair in the Park. When I first walked in it was just the Dad.  He was measuring the photo size in the frames for me.    I bought two colorful mosaic picture frames.  When Mom returned to the booth I suggested I take their family photo and  Sebastian gave me a nice smile as I shot it. Seeing this young family made me feel happy!

Mellon Park is the setting for this annual fair
He looked at me and smiled! What a lovely family. We are going to have to photoshop in his brother!

3 thoughts on “Sebastian, 8 wks & his Parents- Fair in the Park

  1. Great looking family. My grandfather shared the little guy’s name. He was always called Sam, though. Happy smiles to brighten a gloomy Sunday morning

  2. That couple will cherish that photo a long, long time and remember the lady with the camera that shot it!

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