Hunt Stained Glass Studio Statues

You are driving up a ramp and you look to the right. You sit in bumper to bumper traffic. See the arc of the West End Bridge  You see the tops of statues that stand along a wall for Hunt Stained Glass Studios. I had to research who the statues belonged to and thank goodness for Google Street view.

Hunt Stained Glass Studio Saints
Saints' statues sentry- this is a second story level and the road is below this ramp.

6 thoughts on “Hunt Stained Glass Studio Statues

  1. Pittsburgh’s version of the statues of the Saints around the top of The Vatican! Who knew?? When in Rome, climb to the top of The Vatican and look out from behind the statues – neat! Or just check out this view!!

  2. Some people’s minds wander when they sit at a light or are just stuck in heavy traffic. YOU make the most of that time by taking wonderful pictures! Good use of time, Ruth!

  3. I have taken a picture of those too! Sitting in traffic is always more enjoyable when you see something like that!

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