10 thoughts on “Ohio State Fair Winner

  1. We had a big one that Tom’s niece won for the kids at Idlewild Park a couple of summers ago. Not quite that big – but close. It hung around in the guest bedroom for a while. Can’t remember what finally became of it, though.
    We got a great picture of Mike with a giant stuffed bear (about his size) in front of a toy store in Breda in August! Funny!!
    The kids always like to play the fishing game at Idlewild and Kennywood – and they always get some little stuffed animal – part of the fun of being young!
    But I like the thought of a young boy giving the animal to his girlfriend!!

  2. Good mornng. My mother has amassed a collection of stuffed dolls and Teddy bears,close to 500 in all sizes. Her Annalee dolls were appraised at $15000 for our recent move and her Teddy bears were worth another $5k. I can tell first hand that what you do with them is constantly try to find a place to store them all!

  3. I never understood why people would want to win of these. Also who would want to care it around the park all day.

  4. I won one once. My mom made me give it to childres hospital. My dad and I took it down. I felt so good after that.

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