Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh PA- Old and New

When Steve drove me over to the Southside  Wed night, I saw the old Children’s Hospital being demolished. On the outside of that exit door high in the sky, there’s a pink paper still hanging on the right wall.  My daughter-in-law, Erika, was a nurse in the NICU at the old Children’s. Thursday on the way home from work I saw the new Children’s Hopsital as I sat in traffic on the Bloomfield Bridge. A helicopter about to land on the roof…

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9 thoughts on “Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh PA- Old and New

  1. Photo essay! Wonder if the noise problem the Lawrenceville citizens are enduring is being solved….. I have one here, apt in next street over, so am sympathetic

  2. Every time I go out on Fifth Ave. there are at least a couple people standing and watching the demolition. I usually stop and stare for a while, too. Wished I would have had my camera the day they had a bunch of the brightly colored exam rooms exposed, some with sinks and signs on the walls still intact.

    • I wish I could have gotten more pictures from when I was here last time. I have some video footage of the elevators on my youtube channel. But I thought it was going to be reused for UPMC Presbyterianism, but instead they knocked in down. It was more than just a building to me, and same goes with a lot of people.I remember I always went to the cafeteria on the B level and taking the yellow elevator. one thing though, I always have my camera with me when I go places. But this is the end 🙁
      RIP: Childrens hospital DeSoto Building 1392-2010

  3. such a shame to see that place be demolished, its very sad, I really will miss that old building. If anyone wants to see, I have some video footage of the elevators in this building which also shows part of the hallways. I wish I knew they were going to do this and I would have gotten more interior photos before this happen.

    • The old Children’s definately needed torn down as sad as it is. But it was a dirty, stinky, mess of a building.

  4. It’s a very sad thing to see the old building go, I spent most of my early life there (now being 21) I look back and see that a lot of my memories happened there, some good, some bad.
    It will always be a part of my life though, they did so much for me, I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for that place.

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