Cathedral of Learning and School

It’s dark in the morning on the way to school and you know how I like to shoot at red lights.  Saw the Cathedral peeking through the driveway as I looked to the left out the driver’s window.  Then when I got to school in Arlington the sun was coming up and I could see the Cathedral in the distance.  The school buses lined up, waiting to let the children get off to go inside for breakfast.

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6 thoughts on “Cathedral of Learning and School

  1. the only artist I know who returned to his scene again and again was Monet …… also a “Cathedral” at Rouen! I think he changed the times of his visits to record the changing light … or his “impressions” (haha). Love to know more about Senor Felix … and if he took his cue from Monet???? You must to do a photo-essay book on Pittsburgh!!!! XOXOXO

  2. Even though I’ve never been there, I think it’s a very nostalgic photo. Love the schoolbuses lined up. Do you know I’ve never in my whole life ridden on a schoolbus?

  3. I once saw an exhibition at the carnegie museum showing 365 views of the cathedral (they were small paintings). Each view from a different area. This reminded me of that exhibit. I love the first one. Looks like a shadow.

    • Those paintings are all on the seventh floor of Alumni Hall now and that is the artist I am talking about- Felix de la Concha

    • That is the artist I mentioned. Felix de la Concha. I have a desk calendar of his paintings. I often think of him when I shoot the cathedral. Go to Alumni Hal seventh floor and see all teh paintings Sue.

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