Signed into Law May 26, 1954

Veterans Day.  More than a day off from school.   A day in November to honor all veterans- men and women in the military who have served.  And the correct spelling  “the attributive (no apostrophe) rather than the possessive case is the official spelling ”  according to an article  “Apostrophe Sparks Veterans Day Conundrum”.  I had to look it up.  WWII, on the left my father’s brother Alan Ray Hendricks who “observed his 28th bday by flying a bombing mission  over Japanese-held Koror Island in a 7th AAF Liberator on which he is a gunner”.(old yellowed newspaper clipping)  Received the Distinguished Flying Cross.       Who do you know who has served? Scan and email a photo of a veteran you know , along with name and service and I will post a gallery of veterans.  Suzanne sent me her father-in-law and father and that sparked the idea.

Hendricks Family Photo I Found in a Box- Alan, Harold, Floyd, Mary Alta, Roy

11 thoughts on “Signed into Law May 26, 1954

  1. Ruth,

    Thanks for remembering. Many have served their country over the years and many have given the ultimate sacrifice. I am so grateful for their service and I am proud of my 22 years service. I am flying my flag with pride and a grateful heart today for all that have served and for those currently serving. Happy Veterans Day.

  2. My dad and my brother served. One in a popular one, one in a not so popular one. Maybe one day all wars will end.

  3. I always make the effort to attend a local Veteran’s Day program where our middle schools and high school students place their home made wreaths. This year is doubly special because my Dad would have turned 100 and served in WWII. Hats off to all those who are serving away from their families this year and who have served in the past.

  4. My son just served a year in Afghanistan, my two ex-husbands both served in Vietnam, my dad served in WWII, and my brother Bill was in the Army. I’m so very proud of all of them!

  5. Alan Hendricks is my Grandpa I’m John Hendricks son. I can’t believe I googled my grandpa and found this

  6. An honorable day to remember. And the explanation of attributive versus possessive “s” makes complete sense. This isn’t a day ‘for’ veterans, but a day to remember, appreciate, and thank them. Thank *you* for starting the day off wonderfully.

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