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Thank you Joanne who sent the article and photographs from Halifax

The Volunteers Bronze Statue in Halifax, at the Waterfront, Nova Scotia (click link for article written when the monument was unveiled in 2017)

The bronze sculpture, called “The Volunteers,” features three life-sized figures from three generations: A young girl pulling a wagon full of salvaged metal, an African-Nova Scotian woman holding a tray of coffee and sandwiches, and an older woman seated with a Mi’kmaq basket and knitting.

The sculptor is Marlene Hilton Moore

Bronze Sculpture of Woman Knitting for the WWII Effort

Gallery of Veterans 2021




Veterans Day

A day to honor men and women who have served our country as members of the United States Armed Forces.  


Veterans Day. A day in November to honor all veterans- men and women in the military who have served their country.  And the correct spelling  “the attributive (no apostrophe) rather than the possessive case is the official spelling “  according to an article  “Apostrophe Sparks Veterans Day Conundrum”.  I had to look it up here.

Who do you know who has served? Scan and email a photo of a veteran you know, along with name, rank and service branch and I’ll add it to the Gallery of Veterans. rutheh(at)gmail(dot) com

Connie’s Dad

Joseph John Hnida
Born:  11Nov1910
Farrell, PA
Mercer County, PA
Died:  29Sep1990, Brookfield, OH
Buried:  Holy Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Hermitage, PA
He enlisted on Feb 26 1942 from Mercer Pennsylvania but actually joined on March 20, 1942 as a meat cutter.  On January 25, 1944 he was sent to Hawaii where he served until November 17, 1945 and was discharged November 25, 1945. Serial number 33164958.  In Hawaii, TSgt Hnida ran one of the Mess Halls (now known as ‘Dining Facilities’) which with his background as a butcher, had the best steaks and became the one that many senior officers chose to eat at even though not assigned there (according to Joe).
One of his stories is that primarily because of his age, and the quality of his Mess Hall, he wasn’t allowed to fly as a crewman on any of the bombers.   He managed to get a crew that ate at his Mess Hall to let him fly on a mission with him in the tail gunners position and on return, was discovered and threatened with a court marshal should he ever do it again.
At wars end, immediately on returning home he saw someone walking down the street wearing one of his civilian suits.  His family told him they didn’t expect him to survive the war . . . so, they had sold all his stuff.
Joe is on the right with the cocked helmet.
RIP TSgt Joseph Hnida

U.S. Army Cpl. Elvern Kletscher, my father, in the trenches in Korea. (From my father’s photo collection)
contributed by fellow blogger Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Leonard Charles Chapman

“My Dad*, born November 17, 1915
Served US Navy Seabees during WW II. Built the runway on Tinian that the Enola  Gay took off from with the first atomic bomb
4 out of 5 of his children are also veterans, 2 serving in Vietnam.”

*(father of LTC Linda Dempster, scroll down)





Daniel Martin Burke  02.02.1919

“My dad’s blouse from WW2.    He was in Germany and at Dachau Concentration Camp a couple of days after being liberated to “immunize and vaccinate” the population.   When he called back to the hospital outside of Munich to explain that the population didnt need vaccines – they needed food and water – and when he asked them what they should to as they just kept dying… they said “ we dont know”.   No one has seen anything like this…..  Picture is one he sent my mom walking down the street in Germany.”  Eileen Hunt sent these photos of her father

“Note was my favorite memory I had it framed for my mother as it was just in a pic book” Eileen Hunt


Michael R. Pace, Studio Portrait prior to being promoted to  Staff Sergeant 948th Air Squadron

S Sgt Michael R Pace was a graduate of Airline Mechanic School and was an Airline Propeller Mechanic as seen in the next three photos sent by his daughter, my friend Vincie.  He served in Sicily, Naples, Rome and Egypt

Michael R. Pace was recruited by the Army but then served in the US Air Force 29 Oct 1941-6 Oct 1945

Vincie’s father is in the front row: second from Right



Private Frank Candiota, Vincie’s Uncle

Pvt Candiota was a member of the 2nd Armored Division AKA Hell on Wheels


David L. Cooley Airman Apprentice. 1968

White uniform and profile photo (70) I was Ships Serviceman 3rd Class. Photo by truck was Norfolk Va in 1969 I think before I made 3rd Class.





Joseph Anthony Wozniak Born July 4, 1910. Joined the USArny in 1942


Wayne W. Loers, COL US Army (DS)

(and Wayne’s father and mother) In Laurenburg NC before Wayne Jr was born
Air Force, glider mechanic, Sgt. Wayne Loers Sr.


WWII Veteran Robert S Hinkle in Agra, India , February 1945.               Deb Beozzo’s father


Lt. Colonel Kathryn Ingram, US ARMY




Retired Lt. Colonel Linda Dempster ( see her father’s photo at top of blog)  – she served our Country for many years including a side trip as a very young nurse to Viet Nam and eventually becoming one of the first Army Nurse Corp’s Certified Nurse Midwives

( P.S. I was her Case Study at Fort Knox Kentucky  when expecting my son Mark in 1976- Scroll down to see him in the USMC)


Colonels Rick and Kristin Foerster, US Army


Kristin Foerster’s father Henry Andrew Stich. US Army WWII

Kristin Foerster’s Brother- Andrew Stich US Navy, Viet Nam


Colonel Rose Miller, US Army Afghanistan 2006

Joanne Basden’s Father Top Left Corner

Don Anderson and Ed Kichi Sept 1966

Phu Bai, Viet Nam

Don Anderson and Ed Kichi
Quantico, VA 2011 Reunion TBS-4-66

Mike Kichi USMC   Sent by blog follower and friend and frequent commenter Toni Kichi (RIP)


Martin H Cooper veteran World War II – European Theater –
(My friend and blog follower and frequent commenter Sue Reinfeld’s father)

1st Plt, D Co. 39th OCC

John E. Hilliard Troop Transport 194 Thank you Joyce This was a project I started and it is incomplete.  I am hoping to receive more photographs of Veterans you know and love to add to the gallery.What about Bob?

Orville Lee,who served in France during WWII. Orv is the heart and soul of our weekly retired group we call CAB (Coffee and Bagels). I hear he has beaten his sons climbing a rock wall recently.

From Anne Hamilton- UK-

Charles Albert Kydd                     ” I thought Ruth might like the attached photo of my great uncle, the brother of my English grandmother (the one you met). Charles Albert Kydd was born in 1896. He went missing and I’ve also attached a document relating to this which I found in amongst my gran’s papers. Unfortunately I don’t know anything else – not even what regiment he was attached to.”

Thankfully he did survive the war and lived into old age!


To include those currently serving in the military  This photo sent by Sally Nauer of her son’s unit (Jonathan Nauer) neighbors at Ft. Knox in the seventies

In Afghanistan, (Back in USA 2012)

“I hope you got the pictures of my favorite veterans – the first was my brother, Michael Cooper, who served in Vietnam in 1968” – contributed by Sue Reinfeld

Lt. Robert A. Bard, US Navy (22 yrs, 7 mos total service)



My Uncle Alan Ray Hendricks (USA). Uncle Harold Hendricks USN  My grandfather Floyd and grandmother Mary Alta and my father Roy J Hendricks


WWII, on the left my father’s brother T Sgt Alan Ray Hendricks, US Army Air Forces who “observed his 28th bday by flying a bombing mission  over Japanese-held Koror Island in a 7th AAF Liberator on which he is a gunner”.(old yellowed newspaper clipping)  Received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Uncle Harold “Butch”  Hendricks (USN)

and my son Mark USMC


Suzanne sent me her father-in-law and father and that sparked the idea.  rutheh (at) gmail (dot) com

Suzanne Colvin- “I’m attaching a photo of my dad, shot in Italy, where he served. His name was William Key (1921-2005); he was a Captain in the 5th Army in Italy.

Below are memorabilia from my son-in-law’s grandfather and father

James holds his wings






                                                          Sp4 Ricardo Weston


These next photos are from my DIL Erika’s side of the family.

Her mother Marlene’s father Frank Simok was in the Navy in WWII.

Frank Simok, US Navy


Andrew Payer US Navy was a gunner, flew out of Africa.
                          Donald Payer’s Father Andrew Payer US Navy,  My DIL’s grandfather

Erika’s father Donald Payer, US NAVY  served 1972-1982   Flew in the backseat of F4 Phantom VF31

Donald Payer after returning from Bicentennial Cruise in the Mediterranean, my DIL Erika is the little one in her mother Marlene’s arms. 

Daniel McDonald US Navy 1965-69 Served in Vietnam
Charles W. Mosher, Jr
(Amy McCall’s Uncle)
Ken Klucsor
2nd Lieutenant
U. S. Air Force, 1969-1972
p.s. Today is also my mother’s birthday. She was born on November 11, 1914. Happy birthday, Mom!
Official U. S. Air Force photo, January 29, 1970:


“Picture of a staged Christmas Eve service, 1969, in a camp we called the Zoo, located at Cu Loc on the outskirts of Hanoi.”  Col Howard Hill (see bio below)