Customer Service at Von Maur

Fed Ex delivery and attnetion to detail.
A personal note, a carefully wrapped package,shipped for free to my home- reasons to shop at Von Maur.

The size I needed was in another store when I went shopping in Columbus OH last Saturday night. Wednesday night I opened the box  they shipped (free!) and found the thoughtful note from the  woman who had waited on me so graciously.  As I opened the box,  I remembered shopping with  my mother when I was little. The experience evoked a sense of nostalgia.  Von Maur offers not only free- shipping and free alterations but who receives a hand-written note these days?  Customer service is exemplary.  My DIL says they gift wrap your purchases for free, too!  WOW.  I wish we had a Von Maur in Pittsburgh.

10 thoughts on “Customer Service at Von Maur

  1. So do I! [Wish they had a Von Maur in Pittsburgh!] With a hand-written note!!! My goodness.
    Love the string of the last days of photos – Magical!!!!


  2. Once upon a time in America….Every store could feel like Saks Fifth, Bonwits, Bergdorf, Tiffany,,,Now one is fortunate to find a salesperson, then one who actually speaks (kindly) and knows the product(s). Now just very tired cashiers. Bravo to Von Maur. Love your photo work. Lois


  3. Kaufmann’s used to be that way too. I’d go downtown on the bus. Buy stuff and have it all delivered for free. The used to do free gift wrapping too. Sure miss that store. Macy’s can’t compare in any way.


  4. I reposted your article on Facebook, I too think that Von Maur is what Kaufmann’s used to be. How can we get them to come here???


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