Electric Nativity with Santa and Carolers Combo

Thanks for all the condolences and comments on the passing of Fred (yesterday’s post).  Must have been a bit distracted because there were 2 errors in two sentences and of course the date isn’t 2011 yet.  I am going to have to hire a proofreader for when I am tired.   Thanks to V and Keith.    So is the preference white lights or colored lights?

Christmas Decorations at Night
I am still thinking of the around-the-year storage for these items.

Here is one of the final Christmas lights at night series for Christmas Eve.  It can’t be as much fun to dismantle as it is to decorate!

4 thoughts on “Electric Nativity with Santa and Carolers Combo

  1. As a child, I much preferred all the colored lights but I really love the simplicity of white lights now that I’m over 60! Merry Christmas – may you receive lots of love!

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