Seven Robins and the Female Cardinal in the Backyard Tree

I thought the robins used to fly south! Find the female cardinal.

The other day there were two red cardinals in the tree in the backyard. I couldn’t see them no matter how I squinted. Could really see with the 70-200mm camera lens though.  The neighbors in the back must have a feeder and the birds congregate.  As I waited for the stunning red cardinals, which did not appear, I counted at least 7 robins in the tree.  I didn’t see the female cardinal until I put the photos into  the computer.  Don’t robins fly south anymore?? I thought they were the first sign of Spring so that isn’t right.  I am glad I am not a bird.  Especially in winter. And what about all the cats in the neighborhood? Can’ t be easy.


12 thoughts on “Seven Robins and the Female Cardinal in the Backyard Tree

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot of loud chirping the last few mornings, and wondered if the birds were coming back early this year. Maybe they never left.
    Can’t help but think of Walter trapping and taking the cat Bobby away in the novel Freedom!!! Walter was a real bird lover!!!

    Is the Cardinal at the bottom?

  2. This is a cool picture. I think I see the cardinal-gray and blue? I am surprised they are not South too. Maybe they came home for the Steelers game!!

    • Hi Lara Thanks for taking time to look at the photo of the day and for making a comment. It was great to be off today(Monday)

  3. I counted 8 robins! And the grey/blue one in the middle isn’t the cardinal; the cardinal is down on the right center edge of the photo. Anyone know what the grey/blue one is? It’s back is to us. This photo ought to be made into one of those 1000-piece puzzles that is impossible to do – kind of like a Jackson Pollack painting. Love it. – Euthemia

  4. Here, just north of south, the only winged creatures are ducks! I love to hear them quacking as they are flying in formation over the neighborhood. Haven’t seen any robins since September.

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