Carnegie Library in the Snow

Night light refelcted in the city, one of my favorite things to shoot- add the snow factor.

21 thoughts on “Carnegie Library in the Snow

  1. I like how you used the row of trees to frame and offset the buildings. Sill- all that snow makes me say, “Brrr!”

  2. Love your reflections this morning both in words and photo.
    Still thinking and going back to the robins, cardinal and mystery bird in the trees!! XOXO

    • Kay Thanks for writing. It is amazing what one sees driving around the city.
      I appreciate your looking and for writing a comment.

    • Thanks Beth. Did you ever decide on one for your bedroom? I forget where we were with that.
      Finding the beauty in winter.

  3. I love that library, it looks neat from that angle. It has a distinct smell inside…older library books always do.

  4. Hi! I am the communications director for the Library and would love to use this photo in a PowerPoint presentation.Is that okay with you?

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