Steelers Inflatable in a Silver Pick-Up

Arlington Avenue.  Driving down the curvy slope, slick tracks under your tires make a distinctive sound.  Note the trolley tracks and wires. They still run!  I had to turn around and get this inflatable.  From the rear. Drove up the hill again and came down, took a shot of him from the front.  It was the unexpected sight of a huge Black and Gold inflatable, leaning over the cab of the silver pick-up.  This view was the better one.  Playoff fever mounts as Sunday night’s game with the Jets is on everyone’s minds.  Well, most everyone.  It helps us make it through the winter.  And if you want to purchase one of these blow up football friends, get down to Mike Feinberg Company”The Party King” in the Strip on Penn Ave.   Fans have a variety of ways to express team spirit and I know everyone will sport Black and Gold at school on Friday.  Throughout the city!  I find team allegiance an interesting study.  Where you are born, where you live, family traditions, civic pride. There are photographers who photograph the Steelers Fans for years.

What determines the level of team pride?
My headlights reflect on the truck, the headlights from the oncoming car on the wet street...

14 thoughts on “Steelers Inflatable in a Silver Pick-Up

  1. Hmmmm, not sure it isn’t one of the linemen on the way to “work!”

    Glad you caught this one Ruth. Great pic and my pleasures magnified viewing it from FLORIDA! It looks cold there!


    • Shuey, it is snowing as I write to you.
      Thanks for reminding me you are viewing it in FLORIDA!! It is cold, cold, cold and we already have a two hour delay for the morning,

  2. GO STEELERS!!! Must be a true Pittsburgher. There is also a Penguins sticker on the window.

    • I heard that somewhere in the Burgh there is a whole scene of these inflatables.
      We should find the location and check it out.
      Someone saw it on the news.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I wonder if that just stays in the back of the pickup and they don’t have a backyard?

  4. I’ve seen one of those in the nursing home my mother in law was at. She loved it although I know that even before Altzheimers she had no idea what football was and what black and gold meant. GO STEELERS

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