A Steelers Fan’s Nod to the Packers

We love our Steelers, win or lose. Here’s some Pittsburgh cheese to acknowledge your win, Packers fans and dear friends! (Rob you were right.)   I made Haluski, Pierogies and Kielbasa but no one felt like eating here.       Have to post now and get to bed cause I’m driving back to the Burgh for school in the morning, YIKES! We had a fun time together but watching the superbowl was so stressful.   Kids dropped off to sleep one by one.


What we teach our children.
I thought about posting
a Back to Work theme
(leaving Columbus at 4AM)
or some serious Comfort Food

Penn Mac Company on Penn Avenue in the Strip District has some GREAT cheese!!

9 thoughts on “A Steelers Fan’s Nod to the Packers

  1. Nicely put Ruth. It was an exciting game, none the less and opportunities were there, but . . . today just wasn’t the day. As for me, I’m saving my banner for next year!


  2. So sorry for your loss but many Packer fans in the family living in Wisonsin so happy for them. Good game!

  3. I love sports. I love the Steelers. Never could watch the football games. Too stressful, even when they win.

  4. I love the way it smells in there. I wish I could capture it, no other place is like it. Hope you had a safe drive.

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