Empty Church in a Foggy Mist

Taken from the Bakery Square Parking lot...

Too many churches, not enough parishioners.  One afternoon I photographed 8 closed churches on the South Side in one hour’s time.  Now a  law office, one a Dueling Pianos Bar, two were condominiums, some just locked and empty.  I had a plan for a series on the  closed churches of Pittsburgh converted for other uses, like the Church Brew Works and Mr. Smalls Theater, the Altar Bar, The Priory etc.  but then I abandoned the effort as it just felt sad to me. No shortage of subjects.     There are some beautiful and interesting preservation photos of St. Peter and Paul (click here)

Could Have Been Taken Anywhere

East Liberty PA
Once a bustling business
and thriving cultural center.
Gone through decades of changes.
Now some new businesses.
I looked out and saw the closed church.
So hauntingly beautiful in the winter fog and mist.

5 thoughts on “Empty Church in a Foggy Mist

  1. Thankfully, I can’t think of one church that is used for other purposes than worshipping in the entire Louisville/Southern Indiana areas. I love the picture you took in the fog of the two-steeple church from far away.

  2. This is a very beautiful picture. Life moves on and not everyone needs a church. These beautiful buildings however need to be preserved.

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