Windy With a Chance of Sunlight

A beautiful day. And though inside from 7:30-4:00 I was able to catch the unfurled flag from the second floor window AND the flag shadow on the asphalt during lunch.  Right through the glass.

The Cathedral of Learning in the distance, the light fluctuating as clouds rolled across the sky.  Had to tilt the camera to get both the flag and the shadow-  the angle a technique I don’t use often.


In the daytime look out the windows.
Branches bend, papers blow across the yard.
Ripples or waves on water.
A pile of leaves caught up in a whirl.
You can tell it’s windy.
At night, listen.
A train along the river whistles.
Calm, a burst, a roar.
Earlier in my car on the bridge.
Wait for the light.
Feel it. Vibrate.
Bounce bounce bounce
right up through the tires.

Eye level to the top of a flag pole- a cool perspective.

5 thoughts on “Windy With a Chance of Sunlight

  1. They say a sunny weather is a lovely weather. I don’t think so. A cloudy (but not rainy) and windy weather is the best weather for me. 😀

    It was windy for the past two days here in Bangladesh. I was thinking of writing about it on my Daily Sajib blog any day soon.

    Good picture.

  2. I think I liked your bog page better when you didn’t have the image at the top. Seems the 2 images compete for my eye…just a thought from this weary brain on a windy Saturday AM…

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