Eljay’s Used Books is Moving from the South Side to Dormont

I asked why and the answer wasn’t surprising.       “Economics.”

After 14 years on Carson Street.  I bought a James Beard Cooking Lessons volume to read while I waited for a friend.  The fiction section was already boxed up and packed.  A lot of books to move.  A loss for the South Side scene for sure.

Dormont is fortunate. 3233 West Liberty Avenue will be their new digs.

I Love Bookstores

Losing two bookstores in the city.
Just this week.
Borders  with the new books-not open lomg
barely two years
and now Eljay’s Used Books on South Side,
Signs of the times.

9 thoughts on “Eljay’s Used Books is Moving from the South Side to Dormont

  1. 2 of the Borders stores are leaving Louisville because of “Economics”, too. We have 2 Half Price Bookstores here and it is always full of people. I think the Kindles and Nook Colors are slowly doing away with actual books. I sure hope they don’t become a thing of the past because I just enjoy holding one so much!

  2. Well, the Good News about Eljay’s is that the Store IS re-locating, not closing for good. How I hope that they make it in Dormont!
    I was drawn to Borders S’Liberty this week by: SALE / EVERYTHING 20-40% off. After a few minutes, I became aware that I literally had to leave! When I got back in my car, it came over me that shutting down a favorite Bookstore/Cafe is similiar to a “house – forclosure,” and at a gut level I was feeling what millions of American families have gone thru losing their homes, possessions, familiar intimate spaces and neighborhoods; with people(me)as well as financial insti-tutions(holding co-responsibility for the home-mortgage crisis) pawing impartially through their lives, diving for what gold we can salvage out of the terrible misfortune of one, six, a million families…..
    I must have had this experience for a reason ….. certainly to be more grateful myself!!!!, but probably other reasons as well ……
    I do not know a family who has been in or through foreclosure, but this small glimpse / taste of what it must be like brought it as “close to home” as I could bear it this week!!

  3. The old Sough Side is almost gone. T & T Hardware, Swartz’s Market, El Jays, E House, the list goes on and on. The Works and the bars have edged everyone else out.

  4. i can spend hours in a bookstore…how sad to see them go, especially such a great one in the south side!

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