Rooftop Grill & an Unexpected Mishap

Plans Change

You think you’re on your way.
A family weekend, return the dog.
A full tank and bags packed.
You’re excited to go.
It’s been a long week.
But circumstances of traffic
and some guy going too fast-
wrong place wrong time
but you are there.
You’re not going anywhere.
It takes awhile to adjust.

Shot Friday after school.  Who knew in 10 minutes my Subaru Outback (3386 pounds) would be rear-ended by a Dodge Ram Pickup (4969 pounds) as I sat in traffic on the entrance to the Bloomfield Bridge.  Ouch.  I was headed home to get Murphy and head out to the family in Columbus. Never made it. Ended up in Shadyside ER with a neck sprain,  real sore from the jolt. Car undriveable. The paramedics were so nice.  I said, could you get the gray bag, with the camera?  And in the back, Could you get the green bag with my computer? oh and please, my suitcase?  They took it all with us to the hospital. Oh and the knitting bag, too.   I declare Friday April Fool’s my lucky day. Grateful this is not my final photo. No horses today. Glad I’m okay. Thought about posting the damaged car but decided it was unncessary. But you just never know what the day will bring.  Grateful it was no worse. My mother always said, “Cars can be replaced.”  Left the school bag and the lunch box and the gym bag in the car. And the white garbage bag of new Tupperware for Laura & Erika that Jenn had brought and left in my garage earlier this week.  The men asked me if I was going on a trip.  Well, I was…….

Hope I see someone grilling on this grill one day. Stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “Rooftop Grill & an Unexpected Mishap

  1. Hopefully there will be no complications and you’ll just heal up with another adventure behind you to reflect on.

    Enjoy every day . . . we know not what the future holds.


  2. Glad to hear you are OK! Whew!
    So sorry to hear about your accident.
    Good that you didn’t have Murphy with you.

  3. Am shocked and sad about your accident, but thankful you survived. Praying you feel better soon.

  4. Oh, Ruth! So glad to hear you are okay and hopefully not too sore. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.
    I’ve heard that some dogs will go to great lengths to arrange things to extend their vacations with Grandma…

  5. A 5000lb car with RAM in the name might be a self-fulfilling prophecy ….. + “pick-up,” as in pick-up the pieces! Too bad the driver didn’t or couldn’t DODGE!!!
    HOPE you are home now! I’m going to find your cell phone # and call!!! LOVE Erica

  6. I hate it when people don’t pay attention in traffic. I hope you are feeling much better today.

  7. Ruth- what I love about this post today is that you are okay, you took what was important with you from the car (those choices were priceless) and that you didn’t post the picture of the wrecked— replacable Subaru. Instead you’ve given all of us, who love you dearly, another day of the way you look at the world, and see beauty in the simplest things.
    Everything we are Ruth, sits on the edge of when we are not. Have a good day.

  8. Rutie,
    I thank God that my sweet friend is okay!We need you in our lives! You are a special person.Hope the pain diminishes quickly.

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