Hailstones Sunday Afternoon April 3rd


Another item
for the list
of things
out of our control.
I never used to talk about it much
or even pay attention to weather.
Lately it’s impossible to ignore!.

Pittsburgh just had a big hailstorm about ten days ago.  What a sound.  When it stopped I went out and photographed a few patches of lawn.  Haven’t gone anywhere in a couple of days and was wondering what to post.  Thought I was going into the archives.  My answer arrived after the thunder and lightning!  Someone told me it depends on the size and wind and all but some hailstones  can fall to earth the speed of a major league pitch.

looking out onto the roof and park from my bedroom window as the hailstorm started

10 thoughts on “Hailstones Sunday Afternoon April 3rd

  1. I didn’t have a camera to take photos when the hailstones arrived in my yard about 2 weeks ago! Thanks for these!!!
    Sending love and continued healing wishes!!!

  2. A reminder that, in life, we do not have to look very far to be inspired. The Lord provides.

  3. Talk about strange weather – April 4, 1974, a huge tornado tore through Louisville and today there are extremely strong winds and tornado warnings. My cats feel something in the air.

    Ruth take care of yourself and don’t worry about getting back to work – take the whole week off if you need it!

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