Eggplant Still Life

Three varieties. White. Striated and regular.  They are going to be roasted at 500 degrees for 45 minutes. The insides scraped out after they cool.  Four pounds worth.  Then the oven reduced to 350 and the flesh mixed with 2 eggs, 8 0unces of feta cheese and one cup of grated Gruyere, 5 T of sunflower oil and a bit more for the baking dish.  4 T of matzoh meal. Mix together and bake for an hour.  Drizzle top with a bit of the oil.  The recipe from the New York Times Food column by Molly O’Neill March 30. 1997, Almodrotoe de Berengena (Turkish Eggplant Flan)


The names of color.
Apricot, peach, claret, sky blue.
Lavender, eggshell, all names of a hue.
Four pounds of eggplant, waiting to be roasted.

8 thoughts on “Eggplant Still Life

  1. Eggplants are beautiful! Love the Still Life! Have some that I got at Whole Foods this week. (They make a good Eggplant Rollatini there.) Now … should I try your recipe, or go with my favorite eggplant parmesan? P.F.Chang’s has a good eggplant dish on their menu. Wow – now you’ve got me going. I am a big fan of the Aubergine!! Enjoy the flan!!!

  2. When I hear the expression, “Eat dessert first, life is uncertain,” it is FLAN that I dream of! The French / Spanish variety. Turkish EGGPLANT FLAN ….. now life can remain uncertain, but there is flan for a main dish!!!!! 🙂 YUM!!!

  3. i don’t particularly like eggplant but I sure do like that picture. Enjoy your time off and have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Hey! I just bought an aubergine at the grocery today – maybe I’m psychic! Your recipe sounds wonderful.

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