Easter Bunny with Knapsack of Tiny Colored Eggs

This is a shot of a portion of my sister’s Easter display. When we lived in Germany we bought the loveliest Easter ornaments. We moved there in 1986 and the Gasthaus where we stayed had a platter of dirt with grass growing and colored eggs resting right in the grass. I thought it was so cool! I still have not reproduced that decoration yet but think about it every year.
Easter Past

When I was little there was a big deal
about an Easter dress and hat,
a scratchy crinoline inside.
An outfit to be photographed in–
under the blossoming cherry tree.
Little white gloves, patent leather shoes
buckle strap, new white ruffled anklets.
A purse to match.
To hold what?
An embroidered hanky, ironed.

Times change.

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11 thoughts on “Easter Bunny with Knapsack of Tiny Colored Eggs

  1. How does a bunny lay eggs? You are right Rob, he does live! Wonders will never cease. Great photo Ruth, it made me laugh.

  2. It was your comments about how our mothers used to dress us at Easter – fancy new dress, black patten leather shoes and even a new hat! I loved the new clothes more than the Easter baskets, but I also liked the fact that the Easter Bunny always hid the colored eggs for me to find. Good memories! Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. What a wonderful assortment! I am going right now to get my EGG CUPS [YOU KNOW WHICH ONES!!!!] AND put the eggs I dyed into them an on my table!!! Happy Easter. Love your memories. Mine are very similiar!

  4. You brought back wonderful memories of those shopping trips, complete with white gloves and shiny shoes!

  5. I agree with all of the above!!! Brings back memories. Love the bunny and the Pysanka egg. Mike’s Aunt Mary used to make those Pysanky eggs – they were so pretty. Got some pictures today of the grandkids finding eggs on Easter morning. There was an especially nice one with big polka dots! They looked cute – putting the eggs in their baskets! Easter is a beautiful holiday!

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