Artist Helène Aylon at the Warhol Museum

I asked Ms. Aylon  if  I might take her picture (with my iPhone these days)  and she graciously agreed.  Then she suggested we take one under the portrait of Julia Warhol, Andy’s mother.  It was Mother’s Day.

Her exhibit The Word of God: Helène Aylon, The Liberation of G-d and The Unmentionable runs through June 26th.

To read about Helène Aylon and her art visit her website.

Photographer Rick Byerly runs the Pittsburgh Art Blog click here for more information.

Details also at the Warhol calendar

A solo exhibit
at the Warhol
is very cool.
Right here
in River City- Pittsburgh.

(Photograph posted with artist’s permission)

7 thoughts on “Artist Helène Aylon at the Warhol Museum

  1. That’s a wonderful photo for Mother’s Day.
    Behind me is Yoko Ono’s long sign,”My Mommy is Beautiful.” Viewers are bringing photos of their own mothers and writing their feelings. “The Personal is Political” and Yoko means to bring awareness about Japan.
    The museum will be showing the video of my time in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1985 when I asked survivors to write their dreams and nightmares about Nuclear War on their own pillowcases, in their own homes in their own language.
    If you are in Pittsburgh, I’d welcome your thoughts in the Viewers’Comments Book near my installation,on the 4th Floor. My installation is The Liberation of G-d; it’s feminist theology. And I ask, is it blasphemy or devotional?
    Helene Aylon

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