Pittsburgh Sunset

from the archives

Words can fall short
to describe a feeling
or experience.
A camera can catch
the colors, light
but being
there in person
looking up to the sky
watching the sun set
the camera feels insufficient.

12 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Sunset

  1. Beautiful sunset. Reminding me of the past 2 months in our lives which is now “setting” and we are awaiting the “sunrise” as Mary and I head back home to begin our retirment lives together. Thanks Ruth…for just being you and bringing these fabulous thought provoking photos everyday.

    • Thanks Rob. My sister said
      “i believe you photoshopped Hawaii”
      but it is Pittsburgh. I am glad you enjoy looking at the photos. Thanks for writing.

  2. I love your views of the city. On this one you have outdone yourself. The sunset and the reflection – awesome!

  3. Beautiful!
    We are enjoying the beautiful moon over the water on St George Island.
    Wish you were here!

  4. Ruth,

    I actually think this particular shot could win all kinds of awards! I think it’s great that you are always the right place at the right time to get these gorgeous photos!

  5. So glad you go back to “the archives” from time to time!
    I especially appreciated your remembering Dorothy Holley yesterday with your photo essay….. I was not in Pgh. when she died last year so it was lovely to have access again to her both here and in NYC! Her poems with your Andy Warhol photo cover are still available at the Calvary Church Bookstore!XOXOX

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