Recognizing Great Customer Service

You know good customer service is no easy thing to come by these days.  Except at Home Depot.  Check out this stack of badges and pins awarded to Liz for giving great customer service.  Liz knows where EVERYTHING is in the whole store…switchplates, twine, recycle bin, picture hooks, the right shaped shovel for the job,  you name it!    She was gracious to allow me to capture her numerous awards and her wearing them, too.  She has to be the nicest Home Depot employee there is!! Modest, too.

A topic I’ve written about before-
The frustration of making a call
and pushing buttons in response
to an electronic voice.
Remember when a human used to answer?
You notice when someone is caring or kind,
courteous and or helpful.

11 thoughts on “Recognizing Great Customer Service

  1. So nice that you recognized someone for a job well done.The rest of us need to do that.So many people work so hard and are good at their jobs but get no reconition.

  2. Puts a smile on my face! Your attention to detail and the things around you make your blog so interesting. Even though I don’t post all the time, I keep following you. You made Liz’ day and a lot of the time you make mine with your view on things and of things. An inspiration!

  3. I think I recognize her! I’ll look for her the next time I’m in Home Depot. Let’s hope the soon to be open Target has employees this nice!!!

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