Crochet- Standing Up- Seaside FL Sidewalk

Seaside FL (no I am not there now, from the archives) You know how difficult I find street photography. These women didn’t notice me and my camera. Here’s what I saw……

A couple of women and some crochet cotton, one stitching as fast as she could. The one looks like she’s holding something that is being undone and recrocheted by the woman on the right.  The line of thread between the two looks like it was just unraveled from having been stitched previously.

I wish I’d asked what the story was, what she was making. And why right there on the sidewalk? Standing up?

Someone just recommended to me that I try to knit standing up, be easier on my neck,  and I thought, impossible.  I was in FL a couple of years ago with good friends Shuey and Connie and we were touring around, seeing where the Truman Show was filmed and the market with the most jams and preserves  I’ve ever seen, floor to ceiling.

Two women crochet on the sidewalk in Seaside FL-image
You just don't see this everyday, people crochet but usually not standing on a sidewalk!

6 thoughts on “Crochet- Standing Up- Seaside FL Sidewalk

  1. They look pretty serious about what they are doing. I guess if you’re crocheting standing up it takes two people.

  2. Modica’s Market- This year we took some VA and Ohio friends for our “Truman tour” in Feb. and then another couple in March. The items in a dessert display case nearly took our breaths away. Their cakes were worthy of some photos and a story; but I think we stopped for ice cream later that afternoon.

    We did not see any crafters out either weekend.

  3. Fascinating, it does make one wonder what about these young ladies. Such a slide of America. Ruth, you need to put all these together into a book, would make a great one.

  4. I have a white crocheted poodle that fits over a wine bottle, looks like it’s standing on it’s hind legs. Pink bow on it’s head. Aunt Angie, now in her 90s, crocheted it years ago as a gift. We all laugh about it, but put it out on the side table any time she’s coming over.

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