Throwing Gravel in the Lake at Dusk

From the archives: two years ago    After supper we drove to the lake and the dam in Lewis Center Ohio.  The grandchildren picked up some of the gravel and tried to throw it into the lake. Endless fascination with the small stones.  Just before sunset.

Stones Throw

Glass houses.
Sticks and stones.
How many stones
do you weigh?
Mick’s Band.
Bob’s, Like a Rolling Stone
gather no moss.
Riverbed bottoms.
Chiseled in stone.
What you could be
turned into
by the Queen of Narnia.
Skip one across pond.
Carve a quarry.
I gave my love a cherry–
it had no stone
The heart of a peach.

Three kids throwing small stones into the Ohio lake at dusk
Just at the moment of release, Anna's left foot just off the ground. Assisted by Michael and Jack.

8 thoughts on “Throwing Gravel in the Lake at Dusk

  1. This brings back memories of summer pleasures from 50 – 60 years ago before we had Wii, Playstations and DS handhelds. Another Norman Rockwell moment to cherish.

  2. Ther is something so satisfying about hearing that plop and watching the stone disappear.

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