Steelers Garden Gnome

Steelers Garden Gnome Stands Guard

As I was leaving B & B’s home in the slopes, this little guy caught my eye. He is standing guard.  I hadn’t seen a Steelers Garden Gnome before. B’s mom bought it.  My DIL is always promising to get me a garden gnome for my yard but I bet she hasn’t seen this model.

And just a bit ago, V texted me-  Hines Ward won the Dancing With the Stars competition.  Earlier in the week she’d seen something on TV about Pittsburghers all watching and voting for Hines as the “Steeler Nation felt it was their civic duty”.  With her instruction and encouragement, I was able to go online and vote for him, too! That was fun! Not sure if other regions have garden gnomes(click for origin of garden gnomes) sporting their team’s colors, but wanted to share this one wearing the Black and Gold.

5 thoughts on “Steelers Garden Gnome

  1. Generally I am not wild about garden gnomes, to answer your question, but this one is pretty special ….. if it went outdoors, it might be best to put it in the backyard… or it might get “borrowed” by passing Stealer-gnomes!!! 🙂 🙂

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