City Sidewalk Stairs

In Pittsburgh there are lots of staircases winding up hillsides and slopes.  Paper streets are defined on existing on paper but not in reality but in Pittsburgh there are streets on maps that are actually stairs. Some are incredibly steep and long.  The other day I was at another red light in McKees Rocks and saw this sidewalk/steps. The bench ad for Pierogies Plus  is true as they are delicious. A book written by an architect librarian and archivist at CMU. Author Martin Aurand‘s book  The Spectator and the Topographical City describes the formation of the topography of Pittsburgh’s hills and valleys.

4 thoughts on “City Sidewalk Stairs

  1. There is also a book about the 712 staircases in the city. Hesh and I seek them out and walk them on occasion. Fabulous exercise and a great way to see other parts of the city.

  2. It’s amusing to have the ad for pierogies PLUS at the bottom of the stairs …. a food that for me eventually makes it difficult to walk easily up the stairs!!!! 🙂 Think I’ll see if I can find the book at the Library!! Thanks for the tip!!!

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