Wanna Buy a Brewery? Here’s Your Chance!

It’s for sale!  And it is BIG. You don’t have to make beer in it.    I drove by it the other day.  Stopped and took a few shots.  The enormous For Sale Sign gave me a jolt.  Pittsburgh Brewing Company is on the National Historic Registry. A Landmark.  That status might impact some of your remodeling plans if you turned this place into condos but you know it’s a solid structure. It was established in 1861.  They’ve knocked a lot of it down in the back but not sure why. A big pile of rubble would need to be cleared.  The Iron City brand has moved out of the city to Latrobe.   I’ve actually been to an Ocktoberfest in this place years ago.  Empty buildings that once held purpose seem sad to me.  Especially all the churches around the city but even the brewery evokes feeling for the architecture, the magnificent details, the history, the immigrants who came to Pittsburgh and worked there, built it- the once busy place no longer being useful.  Feels more than sad, it feels depressing.   The abandonment.     This place needs to be purchased and rehabed and made to come alive again.  Someone with some $ (okay, some $$$)  and creative ideas for the space. I have no idea the pricetag.   A great location, minutes from downtown.  There’s a wonderful view of Polish Hill, too. I could see the domes of Immaculate Heart of Mary, where Mark and Erika were married in 2002.  This is the kind of structure you see in Preservation Magazine, needing someone to come and save it.  Hope the right person comes along soon.  Wanna buy a brewery>  Here’s your chance!  Even if you hadn’t thought of buying a brewery before you read this post, maybe you’ll consider it now! If you are interested you have to call for the details on the price.

10 thoughts on “Wanna Buy a Brewery? Here’s Your Chance!

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  2. A big art gallery – if it has tall ceilings, which most breweries do, it would be ideal.
    Then it could be rented out for wedding or other receptions, too, with all the nice
    art around (it would need a good kitchen installed). If the acoustics are good,
    chamber music concerts could be held there. And modern dance concerts.

  3. I like Euthemia’s vision! Am I right that the “Plaque” to our left of the door reads: PBC — “Charity, Integrity, Tradition.” Interesting for a brewery! Got to find some org. that can carry those words on …. maybe our City Government could move its Offices here ?????? (hohoho). :-0

  4. Did you happen to drive by and take your pictures on the weekend or early evening? The building is NOT abandoned by any means even though the property is for sale.
    The corporate offfices of Iron City Brewing Company have REMAINED in Pittsburgh even though the production has moved into Latrobe
    It is very sad to hear the facts so distorted.

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