An Artist’s Palette

I was talking to my artist friend Bill Pfahl and asked if I could post a photo of him painting a scene of a church in Lawrenceville. Part of my people at work series.  He agreed.  Turns out I shot him in 2006.  Tuesday I’m going to ask when he’s painting, if I can find him in the city and shoot another portrait.   Here is his palette. He painted the church where Mark and Erika were married and gave it to them as a gift. It hangs in their front hall where it changes as the light changes throughout the day.

8 thoughts on “An Artist’s Palette

  1. In 21 minutes, SUMMER! happy Solstice at 7:16AM!!! A beautiful photo for an “intense” Season –water, sunlight, strawberry red for the earth XOXOXOXO


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