Jennifer Panza: Emerging Artist

I went to Panza Gallery in Millvale on Wednesday.  Took a watercolor to be framed and wanted to shoot Mark Panza the owner as he said he would be happy to be part of the People at Work Series.  But something came up and his daughter helped me choose a nice mat and frame for my painting and I asked Jennifer if she would be part of the People at Work series.  She graciously agreed after I explained the project.  So I photographed her a few times in the gallery and then I asked her if she still made jewelry and she said yes but she said she had some ceramics downstairs. So right then and there I created a new project- I am starting an EMERGING ARTIST series of photographs!  If you know any emerging artists who are in the area and would like to be featured on the blog I would be happy to photograph them and some examples of their artwork. Why not?  It is hard to get started and I know a ton of people who make, buy and collect art so why not use the blog to show some of their work and them? Jennifer just got her braces off and paid the final payment on them and check out the ceramics with the teeth. Surely her othodontist needs that piece in the office on display!!!   If you want to see more of her ceramics or jewelry just call Panza Gallery 412.821.0959.Or leave a comment and she can contact you.  Jennifer is still in school AND working at her dad’s gallery, and when I was there she had opened the place, was working on invoices, taking calls and selecting frames and mats. Thanks Jennifer.

13 thoughts on “Jennifer Panza: Emerging Artist

  1. Love the “Smile” sculpture. Nice straight teeth. I think that’s what drew me to that one. Interesting style.

  2. I think the “smile” piece would look good in many dental offices. I know Rick would like it. Also, the artist would be his best advertising….beautiful smile!

  3. Jen’s art is fantastic and her work ethic is second to none. She also happens to be the most wonderful person I’ve ever met!

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