Remembering My Friend’s Mother- Olga Melynchek Muraska

Today’s post is in loving memory of my friend’s mother, Olga Melynchek Muraska.  Born 11-29-1921 – Died 6-27-2011.  She was always so good to my children and me.  And her homemade pierogies were the best!  I took some photos of classic photos her daughter Marianne compiled for the memory collage when she was putting them together at her house the other night.  I asked if I could make a tribute to her mother’s memory on the blog and she said that was fine. I took the more recent one at a Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast a few years ago. You can see her downtown and as a bride. She had a smile for everyone and was working well into her eighties.  An amazing hard working woman who loved wholeheartedly. 

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13 thoughts on “Remembering My Friend’s Mother- Olga Melynchek Muraska

  1. Olga was a very special lady, she always had a kind word and a warm smile. We were blessed to have known her. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of a very beautiful woman!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Olga’s kindness, strength, and legacy will live on through Marianne.

  3. a beautiful tribute, Ruth …. I saw the photo in the Post-gazette obits yesterday…. you capture the same smile Olga has in her wedding photo!! AND (in my opinion) Marianne’s Dad is the most handsome man in that photo!!! LOVE those heels Olga is wearing …. high heels are not an endangered fashion species!!!

  4. Ruth,

    Great Job on the tribute to Olga! Classy is the only word to describe her!
    I will miss her!!!!

    Joyce Baughman

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