8 thoughts on “Tending the Veterans Rose Garden- Washington PA

  1. Looks like the veterans are tending the Veterans Garden! God bless them. I remember that your parents, Ruth, took a lot of interest and put love and care into the “gardens” surrounding the place they last lived in Illinois… for themselves and the other residents. I thought of them because this week when I called my sister, who is in a CCRC in Nashua NH, a women who gardens around the Huntington popped in Jary’s room with a vase of freshly picked daisies. I think I was a happy about it as she was!! 🙂 XOXOXOXO Love your posts….. even as I continue to write in the dark! 🙂


  2. We had a train station just like this one in my hometown as a kid; and we have one just like it in a town a few miles away from where I live now. Trains have followed me throughout my life (or perhaps I have followed the trains…); love it.


  3. Lovely photos! This is the Veterans’ Rose Garden tended by the Martha Washington Garden Club– you’ve captured the absolute essence of our days tending the garden. Would you be willing to allow us to use this photo (with proper attribution and a link to your blog?), for our group’s new Facebook page? If so, please drop me a note. Your photo would make a perfect “cover” photo for our page. I’ll include a link for you, although the page is still very new…


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