Doing Her Sister’s Hair

Maura (2+) doesn’t let me brush her hair or add a barrette or bow when I visit.  And if you get a band in she is likely to pull it out.  I went upstairs to see how we were coming along on getting ready to load up the car. Drive to Laura’s and James’  for the 4th of July.  Anna(7+) was brushing and putting Maura’s hair into a ponytail. This is never an easy task.

Anna had just set the pink brush on the bench.  And Maura was sitting there with her feet dangling. Looking in the mirror.     I thought it best to get them unaware. No time to clear up the background.  Just shoot.   After a few minutes, Anna turns to me and said “She is my WORST customer.”

( The tattoo is temporary!)

16 thoughts on “Doing Her Sister’s Hair

  1. Do all 2+ year olds hate having their hair combed? You were describing Clare to a “T”. What a cute photo! I know you are enjoying being w/ your grandchildren.

  2. So sweet!!! I am so impressed with Mark and Erika’s “parenting!!” Not to menting your GRAND-parenting 🙂

    • Well I have tried to brush it when it looks pretty wild and she must know I don’t know what I am doing and I give up!

  3. That picture is one of a kind. I wish I had had a big sister, especially one who would take care of me like that.

  4. Way too cute! They are precious and after meeting Mara, I do not klnow how Anna got her to sit still to get her hair done. It was a special occasion! Priceless moments that sisters will love to see when they grow up. What a collection of wonderful family photos you have for them to cherish already!

  5. This photo has just taken the top love spot on my list. Oh how they will cherish this Ruth.

  6. I love the candid. Who cares about the ‘non-straightened’ background; the expressions on the girls’ faces are terrific.

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