City Bridge in a Bike Trail Mirror Along the Monongahela

 Along the Monongahela River  Pittsburgh PA

There was a photo in the paper of the laser lights projecting on a downtown building last night.  They’re filming BATMAN downtown and there was the Bat Signal.  Unfortunately, I did not get down there to capture the scene.  So I looked through the recent photos as I wanted to change it up from the themes of late and I  always return to the city views.  They are so varied.

It’s almost midnight and I am still thinking about the Bat Signal on the Highmark Building and wondering if it is still there. Should I get in the car and drive downtown to see?  Christian Bale coming to town, Big News Big Movie.  Good for Pittsburgh all around.

here is my simple offering of the city bridge reflected in a mirror along the Bike Trail.

9 thoughts on “City Bridge in a Bike Trail Mirror Along the Monongahela

  1. Great photo …. are those “gold” initials? or a logo? in the stone wall on the extreme near right???

  2. I never knew BatMan was filmed in Pittsburgh. My son will be thrilled to know that as he loves those movies.
    Your photo is so very cool!

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