Old School Metal Ice Cube Tray

Do you remember metal ice cube trays? There was a certain sound of the metal and the hinge. The ice clinking out into a tall glass. You could pinch your skin real easily. That’s what I remember.

This one’s on display at COSI(Center of Science and Industry) in Columbus OH where there is a  whole section called PROGRESS. You walk through the different decades of technological and electrical and societal developments.

The kids love to crank the old fashioned telephone and there is a juke box and pinball machine. They are housed in a soda fountain.  There’s a horse drawn buggy next to a VW bug.  You can look through an antique camera and use a switchboard to connect phone calls. There is a television studio and items from the Space Age.

It is hot and humid here in Pittsburgh.

I was looking for a photo that looked cool.   It looks like someone left the freezer open and everything melted.

8 thoughts on “Old School Metal Ice Cube Tray

  1. Memory lane and today. I have a metal ice cube tray in my 35-40 year old fridge right now!!! freezer section is about this large and it is a project to defrost!


  2. I remember those metal trays and our small freezer. My dad would put 2 ice cubes in my glass, my two brothers’ glasses and my mmom’s glass – then he would add about 10 cubes to his glass!! I always wondered why he got more than we did but I never questioned it! Just part of being 7 in 1956!


  3. The exhibit sounds very cool! (Pun intended.) 😉 I had no idea metal ice trays were ever used – seems like a not-great idea (as the metal can stick to the skin), but I suppose plastic hasn’t always been around…


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