Ohio River Barges in the Rain

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could photograph and barge and a tug.  And I’ve been trying.  When I can….Problem is, that the times I have captured it, the light is wrong, it’s raining, I couldn’t get access to the riverfront.  Today I was at a friend’s house on Neville Island and I’d asked her about the tugs and barges going by her house.  ALL THE TIME she said.  And they did go by, Empty, filled, just a tugboat not pulling or pushing any barges.  Problem is it started to rain. And it would not stop.  Trying to capture a specific scene has taught me a lot about how I photograph things.

Most of the time I see something and just photograph it.  Or I think about something, have an idea and go and find it.   The light might be great, the garbage has a treasure in it, the kids are ignoring me, I drive by something I just can’t believe it is right there in front of me.  Now- try to capture something specific.  I am not as good at that assignment I’ve just learned.  It would be as a true assignment like a National Geographic photographer.  Stake it out. Camp out.  Know the ins and outs. Shoot thousands of frames.  Monkey around with your results.  Do it again.  Different time of day.  Return to the scene. Try a different angle, different lens and or camera. Shoot. Shoot some more.

It isn’t that I am not that serious about shooting a specific photograph, I just couldn’t  make it come together for this one.  Exasperating and frustrating.

11 thoughts on “Ohio River Barges in the Rain

  1. I think the lighting in less than ideal weather is much more interesting. Good pic, nicely framed with the Flag flying to our right, as it should. A moment in time of life as it is. Perfect!

  2. Ruth, since I live very close to the Ohio River here in Indiana, this is exactly how the barges look going by and believe me – the lighting really doesn’t matter. There’s nothing pretty about a tug boat hauling coal! Anyway, I think this is a real life photo!!

  3. I didn’t know anyone lived on Neville Island! Like the photo – very P-burgh with the hills across the river!

  4. Got to say you captured another memory from my youth in Pittsburgh with this photo. We could see the river from the front porch of the house I was born in and the barges were a daily sow for us. Sometimes a paddle wheel boat would come down the river too. Great memories and great picture!

  5. I always thought it was amazing how those little tug boats could push those great big barges, by the way. That sight is so typical of the Ohio River.

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