Matthew and the Megabus

Picked Matthew up from downtown Pittsburgh tonight. He came from Columbus on the Mega Bus. I had not seen one before. Big and bright and clean. Dropped him in Regent Square for an impromptu School Reunion at D’s Six Pax and Dogz. He’s in town for 48 hours. Headed back to Zagreb at the end of his visit. World traveler. But the Mega Bus was a great deal. $18.50 one way from Columbus. You can reserve early and get real deals on tickets. Learning he was coming here just last night, I cleaned today and didn’t worry so much about the first day of school Tuesday morning.I think he’s planning to come to school and help get the two art rooms ready for the first day with kids on Monday. Matthew is the one who says to his friends when I was photographing them at his college graduation-“This is what my mom does. It’s annoying now- but later, you’re glad!” I tell that to so many people I photograph. IT is true

15 thoughts on “Matthew and the Megabus

  1. I love his wisdom………..and he’s so darn cute!!! Hope you two have a great visit!!

  2. How great to have help today at school!! Hi and Goodbye Matt!
    Glad to know about the MEGA — I’ll have to find out where it goes!!

  3. A wonderful son – helping his mother set up for her first week back. Looking rested and well traveled- the Mega Bus sounds like a great option. . Safe travels back to Croatia, Matt.

  4. Ruth, you are so blessed. Remember the greatest thing about fear is fear itself. I am coming to this post late so I imagine you have already realized that. All will be well, and you will be great.

  5. It really *IS* true! Photographers can get a bad wrap – but I’m delighted that they care enough to help preserve memories, and history.

  6. Ruth, I’m happy to have found your blog via Theresa @ Thirdhandart!

    I hope your son had safe travels back; I know you treasured his visit. I love his words of wisdom to his friends about your photography! Very insightful AND true. Most of the folks who complain about posing for us want copies of the pics, once they see their faces in them! Ha!! ;0)

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