Feast of Saint Rocco, Fireworks and a Full Moon

Information about this celebration at St. Raphael’s in Morningside arrived in my inbox from the community list-serve.  Said there would be fireworks.  When I got there a band from Cleveland was playing Italian songs and couples were dancing. A large statue of Saint Rocco was illuminated and people would go up and kiss their hand and touch him. He is the protector of contagious disease and pestilence.  There was a statue of a dog with a loaf of bread in his mouth right by his side and you can read his story here.   At first I took a few timid photos with my phone as I felt conspicuous.  But when the fireworks started I pulled out my regular camera and propped it against the chain link fence and caught the scene.  The full moon looks less dramatic in the image than it felt in person. Used a 24-70 L series lens and the remote cable to reduce camera shake.  The fireworks were fun and everyone thought they were over and then more would shoot up and an audible oooooh and aaaaah came from the crowd.  A nice summer evening, it is 64 degrees right now! 

12 thoughts on “Feast of Saint Rocco, Fireworks and a Full Moon

  1. Enjoyed knowing about the “Feast” in Morningside!! and reading about Saint Rocco and his dog!

  2. What great pictures!
    Your challenge cracked me up – I don’t know enough bloggers to pass it on to, but I will pick my posts this week. Thanks, Ruth!

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