Windsor the Rescue Horse – Guest Blogger is my D-i-L in Hardy VA

 You are the guest blogger today, Erika!  Surprise.  I received your photo(s) of the horse while I was at dinner with Laura and James (who are in town for a wedding this weekend) and we all agreed it was really good picture of the horse.  I said it looks like Mr. Ed’s cousin, a talking horse.  Laura said it might be, Ted. So  I texted to ask his name and you said Windsor.  Once a race horse, now a rescue horse.  The grandchildren fed him apples and carrots.  He’s happy in his new home and well cared for and well fed now.  He and Murphy seem to be communicating in the third photo. Thanks for sending the pic updates of vacation.  Looks like a great time and  I miss being there as I start the new school year. 

12 thoughts on “Windsor the Rescue Horse – Guest Blogger is my D-i-L in Hardy VA

  1. We will have to go into the back part of the yard and get pictures of , Jessie, Baby, Chelsey and Bob. Bob is the sweetest little donkey.

  2. Great photos Erika and great story. I agree that I am happy about the ending. As always Murphy steals the shot in the pic above! Ruth, congratulations on jumping back in. I am proud of you.

  3. Lucky horse to have landed in such a great place. I hope updates will follow so that we can all share his progress. As it is, it looks like the 2 “ranch hands” will see that he gets all the carrots & apples he needs.

  4. I like the image of the horse and the dog talking to each other.

    The horse looks REALLY skinny, though – is he okay?

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