700th Post

Spring 2008 this photograph VILLAGE CIGARS, sold at the PERSAD  Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art auction held at the Carnegie Museum of Art.   The first to be auctioned, the bid was fairly low but it still felt good to donate it and the winner was really pleased to get it. It felt exciting to be recognized as Best New Artist that year.   You might have seen this image on my website.  It marks the spot where we turn right to get to my sister’s place down the block.  It’s been there forever.  Held together with some duct tape, a little worse for wear,it looks even more ragged these days  but my sister helped me get a good angle for this shot suggesting I go across Seventh Avenue.  Shot with a Canon 20D, before I upgraded!  This is not the original file but a pdf, hence the words at the bottom and the gray frame.  Pulling from the archives but not the external hard drives tonight.  Friday completes the first full week with students.

Greenwich Village Landmark

20 thoughts on “700th Post

  1. Congratulations on the 700th post …… and the first full week with students!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Now that is a landmark. I look forward to your post every day, so please keep on going.

  3. Congratulations. I look forward to your posts and I find myself looking at “the usual things in life” so much differently. I frequently say to myself, “ow would Ruth photograph this?”.

  4. Keep them coming! I too look forward to your photos every morning, especially all the fun ones of your beautiful family.

  5. Ruth, your pics are wonderful but it is the way you navigate this city and your travels that is so interesting and raises my awareness to what is “out there.” Particularly great when I am not able to get up and go. You take me there anyway! You are a public and private service! Love ad gratitude—keep it coming. Lois

  6. I second all the above comments!
    Is your Sister readying for “Irene?” Gov. B has declared an “Emergency” !!!
    YOu are getting through the last morning of week one RIGHT NOW! 🙂

  7. I think your honor of “Best New Artist of the Year” was more than apt – congratulations on your work being recognized so publicly!

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