What About a Billy Burger?

This sign makes me want one!                                                            (From the archives. )

Driving to Spokane airport in the early morning(July 2006) from Okanogan, WA after visiting our brother David.  This is in Wilbur, WA.    Unfortunately Billy Burgers was closed when we drove by. I stopped and took just one shot of their sign.

I know I said I’d be back to “real time” blogposts starting today but the back-to-school has taken more energy and effort than I realized.  Soon.  Have to find a rhythm and stride.  Keep or Pitch on unintentional hiatus as well, just couldn’t think about throwing anything out right now.

I read here that Billy Burgers has an extensive collection of salt and pepper shakers. Somee cool photos to shoot.  And there are several crop circles in the area!  I called Billy Burgers up on the phone just now and the phone rang a bit and I was worried they weren’t there-then a nice young man answered   so   I  can report they are definitely open for business.  Also, the lights that are out on the other poster’s photo have been replaced and are working great.  Thanks for the good information.  Here’s the address if you go.  The Urbanspoon review is all positive, too. There’s a map of all Washington State Burger Joints! WOW.

Billy Burger Drive-in

  506-647-5651            804 Se Main, Wilbur, WA 99185

8 thoughts on “What About a Billy Burger?

  1. That’s one . . . ‘hot’ look’in burger!

    it’s now added to my list of places to visit, thanks Ruth.


  2. He looks inviting and should I ever find myself in his neighborhood I’ll stop for a burger.

  3. The sign kind of creeps me out a little bit… reminds me of a clown. (And I’m not good with clowns…) It also reminds me of Bob’s Big Boy – I think this might be the Indiana equivalent of a “Billy Burger”?

    • I can tell you that the people who work there are very nice as I called them up to ask about the crop circles. But clowns scare me. I bet there is a Fear of Clowns phobia listed somewhere.

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